Corporate Office Interiors takes away the hassle and design dilemmas by offering complimentary on-site design consultations. In our initial consultation, we will discuss design objectives, space planning options, and take site measurements. From there, we will create a formal quote and design proposal based upon the initial meeting. Throughout the process, Corporate Office Interiors can assist in fabric and finish selection, and create 2D and 3D furniture drawings

Furniture Relocation Assistance

Reconfiguring or moving offices to a new location can be a time consuming and difficult process. Corporate Office Interiors offers furniture relocation assistance and can plan and execute moves to ensure an easy transition for our clients. Whether our clients are downsizing, expanding, moving offices, or reconfiguring, Corporate Office Interiors takes the pressure off the organization. Our furniture relocation services provide our clients the ability to focus on the more important aspects of moving offices, while we handle the little details.

Architectural Projects

Do you have a vision of what your ideal office would look like? At Corporate Office Interiors, we specialize in architectural projects. We can design your new office that meets your standards. During our first consultation with you, we will discuss the ideas that you want to bring to life. Then, we create a design proposal based on what was discussed during our first consultation. If you are interested in an architectural project for your office, contact us today and set up a consultation.

Delivery & Installation

As a full service company, we take designs from concept all the way through delivery and installation. Our experienced crew of furniture installers deliver client orders, and make project s come to life in a timely fashion.  For more information on our design, furniture relocation services and other policies, please contact us via phone or fill out our form!

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