Corporate Office Interiors is an authorized dealer of all things Teknion. Teknion designs products that work across boundaries, within any architectural envelope and work culture. Teknion furniture works for you.

Why clients choose Teknion: Teknion is a little bit different – more approachable, more open to collaborative investigation, more focused on the right solution for each client. As a company committed to empowering people through design, the six characteristics that follow make us unique and have earned us the uncontested loyalty of our customers. The Studio TK division offers high end design via Teknion’s collaboration with B&B Italia, among others.

We offer the following furniture from these dealers: COI also caters to the Healthcare/Senior Living Industry by offering Kwalu, our premier Medical furnishings vendor. Kwalu, who recently partnered with Clorox, is known for their award-winning medical furniture’s comfort, style and most of all, durability.