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Used & Remanufactured Furniture in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Detroit & all of Michigan

Buy used office furniture in Lansing. Workstations, chairs, desks, storage cabinets are available.
Example of a gently used workstation.
This one is pictured in its new home.

We offer gently used office furniture in the following categories:

• Workstations
• Seating
• Desks
• Filing & Storage

Our inventory is always changing, so contact us for what's in stock today!

Refurbished office furniture look like new and perfect for your business or home office.
Example of a remanufactured chair.
This one was reupholstered in a nice royal blue.

To provide like-new product at a lower price point, we also offer remanufactured furniture refurbished with new fabric, laminate, & powder coating. Our exacting remanufacturing process includes:

• Full disassembly of original furniture
• Cleaning of all disassembled parts
• Repair & replacement of any defective parts
• Complete reassembly & refinishing

Remanufactured pieces are made to order, so contact us today about your furniture needs. We'll find a solution that works for you!

Looking to sell your own used furniture? Take a few pictures & submit them with your name & contact information to:
or, send us an inquiry & we'll go from there!

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  1. We used corporate office interiors for our expanding operation. They have a great product, great service and at a great price. - Scott Fleet


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